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The Bierkönig Mallorca Craft Beer is here to stay, to make history. To get there, it has revived the production of German style beers in Mallorca, combining them with a very characteristic Mallorcan flavor that makes it special and unique. For more than a century, starting in 1890, different types of brands such as La Rosa Blanca, Falcon, Carta Blanca, Pripps, Molí Balear, Dorada Balear… allowed the Mallorquins to enjoy beer of different styles, mostly German, produced locally on the island.

These brands were competing with the large, national industrial breweries until the last small breweries were bought by Cruzcampo and Damm around 1977 and finally closed in 1999

Today, 20 years later, there are locally brewed beers in Mallorca again, with Bierkönig Mallorca Craft Beer being one of them.

detalle titulo bierkonig


Following the German Beer Purity Law in its recipes, the Bierkönig Mallorca Craft Beer only uses barley malt, hops, yeast and water. As all the fermented sugar comes from barley malt, there are no other ingredients such as rice, corn or sugar added.


Each process takes its time, the yeast ferments at a very slow pace and under optimal conditions. There are no additional processes such as filtering or pasteurization carried out… giving the beer its own unique character.

detalle titulo bierkonig


Using the „original“ raw materials and handling them carefully throughout the brewing process helps us transform four simple ingredients, such as hops, barley malt, yeast and water, into a beer full of character, flavor and body that you will enjoy. Its main features include the grain note of the malt, its bitterness, the taste and aroma of the various types of hops as well as the unique flavors created by the fermentation process of the yeast.

We have created a German-style beer which is well balanced and attenuated, bitter but still malty, clean and smooth with a deep copper color. Its flavor is clean but robust and complex with nuances of malt and spicy hops.

The result is our most authentic and exclusive beer.